A friend needs help

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Three years ago, one of my oldest and best friends, Luke Flatman, had a serious car crash. Several of his bones were broken, one smashed, and he suffered a serious brain injury. He was in a coma for 10 days, and awoke with serious problems with his memory and reasoning.

He has made an incredible recovery over the years and, though he still has some trouble with his memory, he is back as I know him. He got back to university, finished his degree, and is now looking to start a career in music production.

I am very grateful to the NHS for the excellent treatment and care he received. So is he, and to express some of his gratitude, he's running the London Marathon in April to raise money for the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust. He lived at their rehab centre for 2 months, where they provided a program of intensive exercises and assessment to improve his brain function.

I can really vouch for the quality of their work!

So please sponsor him if you can afford it. It's really easy, they accept credit/debit cards and Paypal, and non-UK cards are no problem.


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