Finally! Formica Swarm Robot Kits!

Last year, at 25C3 in Berlin, I spoke about our Formica swarm robotics platform. Lots of people asked for a kit, and I told them it would be released "soon". I've received a lot of emails since then asking about the status of the project, and I always reply apologetically saying that I've been awfully busy recently, and we really are getting round to it.

Well, I'm very happy to report that precisely one soon later, at 26C3 on the 26th of December, Formica kits will finally go on sale! We're also hoping to run a workshop at the event itself. We've submitted our application, but it's still pending approval. With luck you'll be able to purchase a kit at the event, and be guided through its assembly and programming step-by-step. The workshop will form an excellent introduction to surface mount soldering, and will be open to people of all skill levels. We don't know the exact pricing yet, but the workshop will probably be in the region of €50. Whether or not our workshop is approved, we'll be selling kits at the event at a lower price. Also, bulk discounts will apply for those amassing their own swarm!

Watch this space. Further details about the workshop will be revealed in the coming weeks. Of course for those not attending 26C3, the kits will also be available through some kind of online shop for delivery anywhere in the world after the event.

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You stole my line:

You stole my line: "Finally!"

I am very much interested in buying them from an online shop, since I might not be attending 26C3. What kind of price a piece should we think of? 5E? 10E? 15E? 20E? 25E?

Also interested


I'd like to say I'm also interested in having my own little robot swarm, and I'll also not be attending 26C3. Is there a possibility to buy your swarmbots in another fashion?


Yep, pre-order now!

Hi Jori,

Thanks for your interest. You can pre-order kits now. Follow the link from the project wiki . I'm trying to get Make to link there instead; this is an old blog post...


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Formica Swarm Robot


I'm really interested in your project of robots, but tell me more about the programming used (because I haven't found anything about the programming), the language, the program, etc.


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