Plasma TV Brackets

Justyn bought an amazing plasma TV on ebay for a bargain £50. It was sold as broken, but it seems the seller was incapable of pressing buttons - it actualy works fine. It lacked a stand or any means of attaching it to a wall. For a few weeks it was simply gaffer taped to the radiator, but eventually we could live in fear no longer, and decided to fabricate some brackets.

The back of the TV has some captive nuts to screw a bracket to. Justyn bought two 500mm lengths of 20x20x3 steel box from Metal Supermarkets, and I supplied the metalworking equipment. 

We decided to make some brackets with keyhole-shaped holes, so they could be bolted to the back of the TV, then the whole assembly lifted onto screws already set in the wall. The screws would engage with the keyholes, forming a sturdy and convenient arrangement.

The brackets' design is very simple - three holes to screw to the TV, three larger, matching holes on the other side for screwdriver access, and the two keyholes. I thought I'd blog them because the keyholes are the first milling project I've done on the lathe.

Here's the setup:

The box section is clamped to an angle plate that is bolted to the vertical slide. I used the vertical slide to vertically centre the milling cutter. The cutter was supplied by Maurice, our very generous, retired machinist neighbour. The hole part of the keyhole was drilled out on the pillar drill. The cross-slide was used to drive the cut.

Here's a closeup of the cutting process 

A finished bracket:

and a closeup of one of the keyholes 

See the flickr set for more photos.

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