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Vacuum Chamber

I needed a vacuum chamber to remove the bubbles from liquid casting investment.I made it from a 10mm plate of aluminium and a thick glass mixing bowl.


A rose engagement ring. Coming up with a design for this piece was quite tricky. I wanted to make something with strong rose influence without being too cheesy. The ring needed to be light and elegant on a fairly small finger, but durable enough to last a lifetime. I came up with some initial sketches, discussed them with the client


and we landed on this one, but without the leaves. 

After an long, winding journey through metal casting, I ended up with this piece. I'm very pleased with it.

Sapphire Cocktail Ring

I made this sapphire ring as a Christmas present for Faye. It's minimalism is unusual for a cocktail ring, but I think its impracticality puts it squarely in that category!

Citrine Pendant

I made this surprising, minimalist pendant as a Christmas present for Flic.   


Amber Ring

My old friend John commissioned me to make a ring for his sister, Lou. Well, Lou actually did most of the commissioning, John just paid! She wanted something in amber and silver. After a bit of thinking, I came up with this concept sketch...


...and after a bit of building, ended up with this:


A few weeks back I was thinking of ways to fuse electronics with jewellery. The first one I came up with was an LED on diamond. You could have a classical diamond ring with an LED built in the bulk. Gold contacts could be evaporated on, and could merge in nicely with the rest of the ring! ...
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Emerald Pendant

It was about time I made a piece of jewellery for my good friend Lou. She likes green, and I like precision handiwork, so I thought this pendant would make a nice birthday present. It features a 6x4mm oval emerald tension set in the central cutout, and two 1.5mm diamonds bead set at the top and bottom.

Graver Preparation

Attaching a handle to a new graver, grinding it to the right shape for use and forming a sharp, polished cutting face... [flickr-photo:id=1887220359,size=m]
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Agate Ring

I made this ring from sterling silver and a 10x5 marquise cut green agate stone. I like its bold, chunky, simple design. It is inspired by a piece by Carles Codina.

I started off by annealing a length of 3mm round sterling silver wire. I went for round rather than D-shaped as I thought it would look better with the chosen setting design. I heated it to cherry red and quenched in pickle.