3rd Year Project

Thought I'd make my 3rd year project writeup available. It is a switch-mode power supply with digital PID control implemented in a low power microcontroller. The aim is to achieve a higher performance, more flexible design than a traditional analogue supply without the high power consumption of a high-speed DSP.

It scored highly, so might be worth reading if you're a 3rd year Electronic at Southampton.

Z-Axis working

In the early hours of this morning the Z-axis was completed. A new, much higher torque NEMA-23 motor from Motion Control Products (part FL57STH76-2808B ) was added, along with a length of 10x3 trapezoidal leadscrew and nut from Marchant Dice . In addition an adjustable mounting was added to one end of one of the guide rails to allow them to be adjusted perfectly parallel. Here are the results of a pen pretending to isolation mill a circuit board layout. Video:

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DIY X-ray Machine

The other day I thought "wouldn't it be cool if I could make an X-ray machine for reverse engineering PCBs, etc". So I looked around and found an ancient Scientific American article. It seems that all one needs to produce X-rays is an HV supply and an evacuated tube containing a cold electron-emitting cathode and some kind of target anode.

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