TROOPERS conference badge

Electronic badges are all the rage at IT security conferences these days. I think DEFCON started it all with badges made by Joe Grand, but there have been many others, like the Sputnik RFID tags at 25C3, the expandable bunny badges at Easter Hegg, Munich, by lilafisch and friends, and Travis Goodspeed's badge for The Next Hope.

I created 210 interactive badges for the TROOPERS11 IT-sec conference in Heidelberg last month. They feature some ethereal vintage vacuum glassware - IN-16 nixie tubes made at the Reflector factory in Saratov in the former USSR in 1989. I purchased them new-old-stock from some handy guys in Lithuania.


I've just taken delivery of some special technology from the USSR, via
'friends' in Lithuania. Part of a special project for the TROOPERS 11
IT-sec conference in Heidelberg next week.

I'll be in Heidelberg until the 1st, then I'm heading to Berlin for a few days. Drop me a line if you fancy a bier.

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Finally! Formica Swarm Robot Kits!

Last year, at 25C3 in Berlin, I spoke about our Formica swarm robotics platform. Lots of people asked for a kit, and I told them it would be released "soon". I've received a lot of emails since then asking about the status of the project, and I always reply apologetically saying that I've been awfully busy recently, and we really are getting round to it.

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I needed a kiln to fire moulds for lost wax casting. It will also come in handy for other projects - heat treatment of steel, baking electronic components, and any situation where something must be held at high temperature, or under precisely controlled conditions. I could only afford the crappiest of commercially available kilns - no temperature control(!), and pretty weedy looking insulation so I decided to build my own. The weakest point is the thermocouple, which is rated up to 1100C, but I don't think I fancy taking it much above 1000.

Formica at Skycon

I'll be speaking about the Formica swarm robotics project this Saturday at Skycon , the 2nd conference on computers and IT held by Skynet, Limerick University's computer society. If you're in/near Ireland, you should definitely attend. There are some interesting speakers lined up, including Randall Munroe of xkcd ! I'm quite excited, I've never been invited to speak anywhere before. Tickets are on sale now, and are extremely good value.

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Pimp your tiny ride

At 25C3, I met a papercrafter named Magdalena . She had the excellent idea of making the Formica robots cuter through the strategic application of paper hats. Recently, she mailed me these prototypes . Here they are printed, folded and stuck to the tops of the photodiodes with double-sided tape. Genius!

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Being and speaking at 25C3

You know that weird period between Christmas and New Years, when nothing really gets done? This year, I spent mine at 25C3; the 25th annual Chaos Communication Congress. Four thousand-odd geeks from around the world gather to share their ideas, hack, talk, game, build, start collaborations, and more. I'd never been to a hacker conference before, so I decided to jump in at the deep end and give a talk on Formica! It was a truly incredible experience...

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Sapphire Cocktail Ring

I made this sapphire ring as a Christmas present for Faye. It's minimalism is unusual for a cocktail ring, but I think its impracticality puts it squarely in that category!


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Test Points

Since connectors are expensive and bulky, we designed circular contacts into the PCB layout for testing the circuit and flashing the MSP430. I made a simple "bed of nails" test jig with spring-loaded contacts to mate with these pads.

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