I have a wide range of interests and skills. If you have a project which you think might lie within them, please get in touch. I am particularly interested in developing in an art/design direction, especially fusing electronics, mechanics and sculpture. Jewellery commissions are also most welcome.

My skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Metalwork
    • Jewellery - design, silver/goldsmithing, fabrication, stone setting, casting, repair
    • Precision machining - particularly manual lathe work
    • Steel fabrication
    • Arc and MIG welding
  • Electronics
    • Circuit design
    • Embedded system design and microcontroller programming - MSP430, PIC, and others
    • PCB design and routing
    • Hacking, repairing and improving consumer electronics
  • Woodwork
    • Structural woodwork
    • Shed design
    • Some joinery and furniture work
  • Mechanical design
  • Computer stuff
    • Linux
    • C programming

Some completed, paid projects include:

  • A wireless sensor network for a glacier
  • A PC interface for impedance tomography of living slime mould
  • A lighting controller for off-road Land Rover driving, including an interface to the vehicle electrics
  • An amber and silver ring
  • A prototype capsize warning system for pleasure boat safety
  • A welded steel ground anchor for off-road driving/recovery
  • A floor-to-ceiling welded steel shelving unit

In addition, there are heaps of projects I have worked on in my spare time; several of which are documented on this site.

So if you want a custom made fountain pen, your old pocket watch repaired, an interactive lighting installation for your favourite locket, an internet-connected toast rack, a robotic hat stand that follows you around, or any other project that demands an unusual fusion of skills, please get in touch.