Z-Axis working

In the early hours of this morning the Z-axis was completed. A new, much higher torque NEMA-23 motor from Motion Control Products (part FL57STH76-2808B ) was added, along with a length of 10x3 trapezoidal leadscrew and nut from Marchant Dice . In addition an adjustable mounting was added to one end of one of the guide rails to allow them to be adjusted perfectly parallel. Here are the results of a pen pretending to isolation mill a circuit board layout. Video:

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First output of the CNC table (videos!)

Over the last week or so, Rob and I have been working frantically on a CNC table for PCB drilling and general experimentation. I've been doing the mechanics, Rob's been doing the software and we've been working together on the electronics. See the flickr set for details of the build so far.

I'll be posting in detail about the construction later on. I've got stacks of blogging to do, but have absolutely no time at the moment!

Very early yesterday morning we got the first output.

Videos follow, in ascending order of awesome...

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