Designing a chair

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is the "Hello World!" of design. For my masters course, the first solo module is an exercise in chair design. It's called Superform, and the brief is to design a "Chair plus..." which I'm free to interpret however I wish. I'm two thirds of the way through the project. I've submitted three chair proposals, and I'm about to build one of them.

Cantilever chair

The world is full of cantilevered steel tube chairs, and I find them quite appealing. I really like bits of "impossible" mechanics, so I thought I'd go one step further and make a singe-point cantilever chair. It's a single bent piece of steel tube (possibly with some cunning tricks in wall thickness, etc.) upholstered in elastic bands. You can see through the upholstery to be sure there's nothing hidden up its sleeve. It's also super durable - the only bits that will wear out (the rubber bands) can be easily replaced by the user.

Flat pack chair

Flat pack furniture is cheap because it can be packed into minimal volume for cheap shipping, and assembled for free by the end user. In the modern world of containerised shipping, it is important to pack furniture as densely as possible.

Unfortunately, flat pack furniture is usually not very durable. This is often because of the joining techniques used. Designers are limited to joints that can be assembled by unskilled labourers with no tools.

My flat pack chair concept replaces joints with hinges. They can be assembled to high standards in the factory, then simply reconfigured by the user.



Dimension collapse

Perhaps it's being sucked into a 0D black hole. Or is it a chair from a 4D world intersecting our 3D universe? Upwards not Northwards! Upwards not Northwards!

This is the concept I am developing into a final full-scale chair. It's going to be crazy.
I made this model by burying a plywood chair in a block of foam, then cutting it out with a hot-wire cutter. There's a little video of the process here:

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