First usable PCB!

The first usable PCB is printed, etched and assembled!

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More measurements

As discussed last time, I needed to get some more solid data for the alignment.  Here it is:


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Alignment tests

I need to get some idea of what's causing the vertical misalignment (I'm calling the driven axis vertical, as in a portrait page). Last night I did some tests. I  printed a horizontal line near the top of the board and measured the distance to the edge. Measurements were performed with a vernier caliper to a measuring accuracy of about +-0.02mm. I performed the test with and without a second guide fence, and with the edge sensor mounted to look at the trailing edge of the board, to eliminate variation at the point where the leading edge mashes into the imaging rollers. The numbers are distances in mm from the board edge to the image. The standard deviations are given in bold after the rule.

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Mechanical Improvements

Much has happened since my last blog post since, though published only minutes ago, it was written a few days back. This lag between life and blog is largely the fault of flickrfs.

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New fuser unit and first etch!

Fortunately the search for a new fuser unit was short. I asked around campus for old laser printers, and in discussion with the ECS helpdesk people it transpired that they had a brand new fuser unit on the shelf that they were never going to use.

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New blog

Well I've finally got round to creating a blog, and this is my first post. That's something of a lie, it is almost entirely Justyn's work, so thanks go to him. I'll be fleshing this out over the next few weeks, posting about my current two main projects - a PCB printer and an alarm clock.

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PCB Printer Progress

On monday evening I connected up the various parts of the printer and managed to get it to print for the first time since it was dismantled.

The printer is bristling with sensors to check that the various hatches are installed, the cartridge is in, paper isn't jammed, and so on. They all have to be fooled correctly to get it to print.

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