Agate Ring

I made this ring from sterling silver and a 10x5 marquise cut green agate stone. I like its bold, chunky, simple design. It is inspired by a piece by Carles Codina.

I started off by annealing a length of 3mm round sterling silver wire. I went for round rather than D-shaped as I thought it would look better with the chosen setting design. I heated it to cherry red and quenched in pickle.

New Lathe!

I bought a lovely Myford ML7 on ebay and picked it up yesterday.

It's fantastic. There are a few jobs that need to be done before use

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What kind of world do we live in?

I quote from Gaining Competitive Advantage through Human Resource Management Schuler and MacMillan, journal of Human Resource Management, 1984. Emphasis added.

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How can I possibly be expected to crank out yet another management essay when the material is so hillarious? Concentration is impossible!


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DIY X-ray Machine

The other day I thought "wouldn't it be cool if I could make an X-ray machine for reverse engineering PCBs, etc". So I looked around and found an ancient Scientific American article. It seems that all one needs to produce X-rays is an HV supply and an evacuated tube containing a cold electron-emitting cathode and some kind of target anode.

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New mods

Added my tablet bluetooth mod and PSP BGA reflow.

Come view! 

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Jewellery projects

I've finally got round to documenting a couple of jewellery projects.

Go gander or glare at ring and cufflinks.

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I'm an idiot

Things are progressing rather slowly as my 3rd year project takes up more time. I was on the brink of keeping the printer happy through a complete print when suddenly the transfer belt lift clutch, cleaning roller cam clutch and feed motor all stopped working! I looked at the paper feed PCB, to which they are all connected and saw a small axial component the size of a standard resistor but without colour bands with "FU101" on the silkscreen.

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Overprint frustration

I discovered a piece of software called Scribus. It is an open source desktop publishing program, and it allows one to work in CMYK space. I made a document with a black square made from 100%K and a "400% black" square, made from 100% of C,M,Y and K. Scribus allows you to use ICC colour profiles and display what your printer will actually print. I downloaded the 4550's colour profile from HP, plugged it into Scribus and sure enough the black square was lighter than the 400% black square.

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Mark 3

I decided to buy a colour laser printer to experiment with, as I suspected that I could print blacker with one. They print four times (CMYK) onto a transfer belt, then transfer the image from the belt to the paper (circuit board). So potentially I can have four layers of toner deposited without any alignment problems.

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