Citrine Pendant

I made this surprising, minimalist pendant as a Christmas present for Flic.   


Amber Ring

My old friend John commissioned me to make a ring for his sister, Lou. Well, Lou actually did most of the commissioning, John just paid! She wanted something in amber and silver. After a bit of thinking, I came up with this concept sketch...


...and after a bit of building, ended up with this:


Virtually since birth, my goal has been clear. Make things. My earliest memories are of learning to use tools. Somewhere during school I began to learn that I needed a role in the world; a permit to make things for a living. And I wanted to make my own kind of things, not someone else's, so I had a new goal: become an engineer...

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Formica: Affordable, open source swarm robotics

Now open source; build your own!
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Formica (or Southampton swarm robotics) now world famous!

Whilst most of the team were out of the country, Alexis and Klaus presented the Formica robots at the ALIFE XI conference on artificial life. The conference was hosted by the SENSe research group, of which I will soon be a member. It attracted researchers from around the world and sounds like it was very interesting; wish I could have been there.

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Jeff Gough MEng!

[bear with me here, starting to clear the large backlog of blog posts...]

After an incredibly hectic year, I'm delighted to report my graduation from Southampton with a first class masters degree in electronic engineering. My congratulations go to fellow graduates Rob, Steve Alexis, Jo, Paul and more. Now begins several years of avoiding a graduate job, starting with a PhD in robot locomotion...

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Formica: Swarm robotics

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Louder Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Pete brought me a challenge from Sarah's house - make their carbon monoxide alarm louder. A malfunctioning boiler and landlord means they suffer frequent CO problems. I suggested that Pete buy a personal attack alarm from the SUSU shop whilst I figured out how to get a signal out of the CO alarm.

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A few weeks back I was thinking of ways to fuse electronics with jewellery. The first one I came up with was an LED on diamond. You could have a classical diamond ring with an LED built in the bulk. Gold contacts could be evaporated on, and could merge in nicely with the rest of the ring! ...
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Digital Photo Frame with Face Detection

Digital photo frames are cool, but are a terrible waste of power. A photo frame is only useful while someone's looking at it. What I need to do is make a digital photo frame with a small camera built in. Every second or so it wakes up, takes a photo and performs face detection on the image. If someone is looking at it, it stays on and displays a photo until the viewer looks away. 

An extension would be to extract the position and size of the face to guesstimate the viewer's position in 3D space. Then apply Johnny Lee style head tracking to display a window into a 3D  world beyond the screen. Would be great to look at your wall and have a window to a prehistoric world with dinosaurs wandering around, or something. Move closer to the "window" and you'd see more of the landscape. Walk past the window and your viewing cone would scan the virtual world appropriately. Of course it would only work for one viewer's perspective, but it would still be wicked cool.

There are plenty of other fun things to do with a camera/display combo - hall of mirrors, etc etc.

Hopefully you could save enough power to have a wall-dwelling wireless frame that only needed charging every week or two. If only I had time to try it!

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